Consulting with Townsend Russell.

Townsend Russell has always been surrounded by small business. Starting from a very young age, business was always a fascination. Wondering what made the men and women he looked up to so great, Townsend set off to learn the business world by working for successful small business owners. Since 1999, Townsend has immersed himself in other people’s businesses to study and learn in depth the principals that made these business owners successful. Since then, Townsend has repeatedly created and grown many businesses.

Service businesses have always been one of Townsend’s favorite type of businesses. Townsend strives to improve services to make life better for customers and improve the business to increase profitability while making it less stressful to operate.

Service businesses are complex to operate, but perceived as simple by the customers. The customer wants an expert service man or woman. They want to be your number one customer and they want no headaches. The owner faces supplier issues, scheduling and routing issues, employee issues, equipment issues, and financial issues. Townsend guides you through how to present the customer with a simple smooth experience while creating a strong foundation for the business. He shows how to stay ahead of suppliers, automate and improve routes, hire great employees, manage existing equipment and purchase new equipment, as well as manage debt and increase profitability.

My vision of our world is one where businesses operate smoothly, ethically, and passionately. It is a goal that is shared among my colleagues and those whose businesses I have helped grow. My role for my time on this earth is assist in helping businesses grow, helping them better serve their clients, and helping businesses provide enjoyable lives for those whom work in it.

The bottom line of any business is to take care of your clients while making money. Ignore either and your business will not succeed. Continual slow strategic growth is good. Rapid growth on a strong foundation is better. I believe in hiring the right people who share the company vision. Business to business consulting is in the highest demand. Management of suppliers, vendors, and service cause extreme aggravation and creates many operational problems. This is one of my most favorite areas of consulting and one I have written and consulted about extensively.

Townsend Russell


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